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Happy spending my time into these web projects

Website & features<br/>Cocktail Cocktail

PHP7, Sass, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3, JS

Website & features
Cocktail Cocktail

As an event catering company for years, Cocktail-Cocktail needed a new brand image. So I've imagined and developed a modern and coherent showcase website for them.
Moreover, I've also developed a full administration system to manage quotes, messages, catalog, clients and so on...

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Showcase website<br/>Mets Tendances

PHP7, Sass, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3, JS

Showcase website
Mets Tendances

As a tailored catering and event company for years, Mets Tendances is the luxury and premium brand of Cocktail Cocktail Group. They also needed a brand new image, modern, and coherent with the main website.
I've tried to show here something more elegant.

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Showcase website<br/>Les Terrasses de Courbevoie

PHP7, Sass, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3, JS

Showcase website
Les Terrasses de Courbevoie

As a restaurant but also an event room, Les Terrasses de Courbevoie, part of the Cocktail Cocktail Group also needed a brand new image to be coherent with the main one and with all the usefull information.

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Showcase website<br/>Carolina Gomez Catering


Showcase website
Carolina Gomez Catering

Wedding planner and event organizer, Carolina Gomez needed an elegant showcase website that could speak for her and that looks like her so special universe

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Web framework<br/>FLFramework

PHP5, Sass, HTML5, CSS3, JS

Web framework

As a developer, I needed a way to accelerate my website production by spending less time on repetitive tasks. So I created this framework.

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Website & features<br/>Eruko <i>(temporarily offline)</i>


Website & features
Eruko (temporarily offline)

As concerned by the e-reputation, I created this smart website that helps you be more aware of your numeric reputation and privacy and much more.

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Website & features<br/>Itineraris<i>(temporarily offline)</i>

Angular, Service Worker, TypeScript, NodeJS, HTML5

Website & features
Itineraris(temporarily offline)

As a constant traveler, I needed a smart tool that could draw for me my travel itinerary and where I could post some pictures and diary description.

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Showcase website<br/>Regnier-HR<i>(temporarily offline)</i>


Showcase website
Regnier-HR(temporarily offline)

In the hotels and restaurants business for a while, Cédric Regnier needed a new showcase website to speak about his glass cleaning machines.

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Website & features<br/>Joulupukin

PHP5, FLFramework, Sass, JS, HTML5, CDiscount API

Website & features

CDISCOUNT needed a creative web app to interact with kids for christmas and make their christmas list thanks to CDISCOUNT API

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Web developer then Lead tech since 7 years now, I'm passionated about web technologies in general.

By having seen every side of my job, design, complex algorithm, hosting, architecture, SEO, Blockchain...etc I got what we name a full stack profile. Thanks to that, I can propose you the best of each part to fit your needs at best.

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