What I Do

Development, SEO, hosting/Cloud and a bit of magic

Showcase Website

You quickly need a website for your business?
A visibility on search engines such as Google?
You don't want to spend much money or you just need a showcase in one page?

This option is for you. In less than a week I can create a one page website with a contact form that allows you to show what you do and explain your concept letting the option to visitors to contact you. Responsive and multipage options availables on demand.

Complexe features

You're imagining an online shop?
A personnal dashboard for your users?
You need some more complex features in your website?

Then you need to think about this option. Payment, membership, dashboard, newsletter, I can do whatever you need on your website that we can imagine together.


You dream about being in the first results of Google?
You need to know how to measure your SEO improvment day by day?
You don't know much about SEO but you need visibility?

In this case, you'll like this option. I assure you to use all the best coding practice to improve your website SEO. Moreover, I can provide some tools to measure it and give you advices about them.


You want to host your website online but you're lost?
You need to reserve your domain name but you don't know how?
You don't have time to bother about what's the best option among the hosting providers? You heard about cloud but you don't know how to use it?

So you'll probably need this option too! I can give you advices about domain names and hosting solutions. More! I also absolutely can do it for you so that you don't have to do anything.

BlockChain Smart Contract Audit

Are you creating smart contracts but are afraid of their vulnerabilities?
Do you have ideas for using blockchain but don't have the skills in-house?

Then this option is for you. With a state-recognized diploma, I will study your needs and offer you a complete web3 support according to them